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How to Build a Locker Dresser

If you have the need for more clothing storage, but there is space for additional cabinets, consider cabinet. You can transform the bottom of the closet in a built-in wardrobe. Locker dresser drawers can accommodate four folded clothes while leaving room for shirts and jackets to go over it. The project takes a day to complete because of the amount of cuts and amount of assembly required.

Preparations to build locker dresser, Measure the depth and width of the cabinet. Use these steps to determine the best fit for comfortable. Find the ideal height using the height of a dresser drawer. Mark the measurements on the walls in the closet. Draw lines through the walls with a level and a pencil to create cutting lines for the sideboard. Cutting drywall along the lines drawn with a knife.

Measure and cut a couple of wooden 2 by 4 inches wide comfortable. Repeat the process for the depth of the locker dresser Use a circular saw cuts. These four pieces mounted in a frame with edges 2 inches up. Establish a frame on the floor. Make the frame flush with the wall. Hammer 3-inch nails through the frame into the studs exposed. Repeat for the second frame fixed to the wall at the top of the notch.

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