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November 8, 2019 Furnitures

How Reupholstered with Fabric Bentwood Chairs

Bentwood chairs are great with beautiful upholstery. If you want to make it rejuvenated, here are some tips to do it yourself reupholstery. After assembly, the rocking bentwood chairs are upholstered with fabric pieces. The manufacturer’s measure and cut pieces of plywood to place on the back and seat of the chairs. Then stick to plywood foam and covered with fabric over and around, then secure it with staples. After completing this work, the inserts are installed in the chair; typically with a glue stick in hot.


1. Measure the seat and backrest of the bentwood chairs. Subtract 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) of the measure in both directions and cut two pieces of plywood with a table saw, one for the seat and one for the back.

2. Cut with scissors a piece of foam the same size for each piece of plywood. Spray the wood with contact adhesive spray. Place the foam on the wood, making sure to smooth the edges.

3. cut with scissors a piece of fabric for each piece of plywood. Add 3 inches to the measurements.

4. Timber placed on the canvas, with the foam down. Stretch the sides of the fabric facing up over the edge of the plywood all around it with a staple gun.

5. Four lines of adhesive placed in hot along the back of plywood pieces using glue gun for hot. Place in their respective locations on the seat and backrest of the bentwood chairs.

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