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August 28, 2019 Furnitures

How I Can Convert My Armoire Desk Into A Computer Desk?

Complete your home office with armoire desk. It is also awesome to have in bedroom for a reliable design and function at high quality significantly. The interior of an armoire desk is the perfect place for an integrated desktop. Remove the original painting door. Clean and paint the area before the construction of the desk. Once the area is ready, it can be left open or hang a decorative Roman shade to close the private area when not in use.


Electrician installs a cable in the armoire desk for electrical outlets and lighting before the construction of the desk. If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling light in the closet, you can modify it with lampshades and bulbs providing a strong power.

Built-in storage

Leave the top shelf of the closet, as it can be used to store items you rarely use. Or off the shelf and build levels of shelves on the back wall of the cabinet above the desk.


If you watch TV while you work, build a shelf for a small TV in the armoire desk. The computer monitor can be set on a podium that is built on top of the desk, if you prefer it over the desk. Use the shelf under the podium for storing pens and other small office supplies.

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