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September 15, 2019 Dresser

How Distress a Painted Distressed White Dresser

One of the characteristics of the cottage or shabby chic decorating style is distressed white dresser furniture. Tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture showing where many years of use – such as missing painting corners and edges – add personality and style to your home. Although you can usually find pieces in difficulties in antique shops or sales of goods, often carry a substantial price tag, you can easily create a distressed look on painted pieces you already own.

How Distress a Painted distressed white dresser, clean the cabinet with a damp sponge and soap and water. Let dry. Remove the drawers. Sand the areas where the dresser drawers and natural, such as corners, edges and in the area around drawer handles and knobs wear would occur. of distress the edges of the comfortable using a hammer. Hit the hammer along the edge, the variation of pressure to create the appearance of damage over time.

Add nicks and scratches on the surface using the chain. Carefully swing the chain and hit on the sides and top of the dresser to create nicks and dents. Cover the entire piece with brown stained enamel. Mix a few drops of distressed white dresser paint with glaze and apply with a brush to an aging overall effect. Let dry. Replace the dresser drawers.

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