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September 27, 2019 Basement

Great Choice for Basement Paint Colors

Basement Paint Colors – The basement of your home poses unique challenges of color, and the selection of colors must be approached strategically. Unlike the rooms on the upper floors, the basement receives little or no natural light, depending on the depth and location of the house. In addition, it is often an area of the house that has to serve multiple purposes. You may have clothes and a boiler near where you are setting up a play area for children. Clarify your needs for the basement; then attack the color problem.

Make a list of all the things you need from your basement. Your basement can keep storage, work benches, entertainment center and a game room. Evaluate the light situation. In most cases, it is a good idea to get basement paint colors of entire roof a bright white, to maximize the reflection of light.  Decide on the colors of the work areas and public services. Grays or neutral colors work better and mid-tone colors hide stains better. Polyurethane paints for plants facilitate cleaning. Do not use black or dark colors, as they absorb a large amount of light.

Use colors towards the lighter end of the spectrum for leisure areas. Tan light, sand, soft sage and similar colors may be enough to reflect light limited light, but colorful enough to give life to apace. Remember that a little color goes a long way, so choose lighter basement paint colors in the sample than you think you need. Get a sample from the paint store if possible. Use intense, bright colors for a room or theme area. It can be a bit intense to relax, but it provides a party feeling for children, parties or improvisation sessions.

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