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September 22, 2019 Basement

Going To Choose Ideal Basement Paint

Basement paint – The basement, contrary to what happens with other rooms in the house, does not receive natural light. If you do not have the option to have an opening to the outside. You should think of colors that do not epeoren the lack of light. It is advisable to avoid colors that are too dark. Everyone knows that black absorbs light, while white reflects it, so it is preferable to use shades of white to paint the walls.

This allows the basement paint artificial light (or the little natural light that enters) to be installed more easily. If you have walls and a dark ceiling, the lighting will not have the intensity needed to develop an intellectual activity. Such as reading, or set up a playroom. In fact, the environment can end up being somewhat depressing, causing you not want to stay in the basement for long.

If in any case you want to basement paint with dark colors, you can then use red, violet, and green, with a mixture of some white touches so as not to obscure the space too much. Bearing in mind the possible problems of humidity. The most advisable is to use a special anti-humidity paint, of course the color we want to paint the basement.

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