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White Queen Bedroom Set Idea

January 6, 2019 Queen Size Bedroom

Get the Most Out of Queen Bedroom Sets

First of all, and although it sounds obvious, in a bedroom the most important thing is the bed, and any distribution that we can generate must be made according to them. Once located, we can continue with all the other elements that may accompany it to enhance it. That is why I will give you some ideas on how to distribute queen bedroom sets and get the most out of it.

Brown Queen Bedroom

Brown Queen Bedroom

A resource widely used in decoration, is to frame the beds with a known “backing”, which can be of gender, wood or any material. This structure can be incorporate in the same bed or can be add, it will depend on what you want to achieve, so placing it against a wall is the most used option. Another form of support is to use pictures or decorations on the headboard, this generates a focal point on the bed contributing to the image of importance that is sought with this type of resources.

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A backup option, when the bedroom is very long, is to generate a useful space as a partition wall for a closet. It must have a minimum space of 1.4 meters, plus the width of the wall or closet. The side that looks towards the bed. And in this way the use of a night table is avoided if the bedroom is narrow.

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