September 28, 2019 Garage Ideas

Garage Floor Paint Lowes Ideas

Paint a high gloss shine on your garage floor paint Lowes. This will make you feel as if you park your car in a showroom floor nightly. Paint the garage floor a solid color first, and follow with gloss paint. Apply ample stock of shine until you achieve the look you desire.

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Garage floor paint Lowes – When painting your garage floor, you have to acquire special paints. Your color needs to withstand the weight of your car, tie to the concrete and hold up under all weather conditions. Before painting your garage floor, think about how you want your garage to look and feel when the project is completed. Epoxy paint is sold specifically for use on a garage floor is available in 12 colors, in shades of blue, red, gray, green, tan, black and white. Pick a color that matches your personality and will add style to your garage. Paint the entire garage floor a solid color.

You can also purchase a solid color that contains metallic spots garage floor paint Lowes. This will give your garage floor a shiny, alluring look and feel. Maybe you want your garage floor painted red with gold metallic dots to match your vehicle. Stencil design of your choice on your garage floor. Let your personality shine when deciding what to stencil. Perhaps you enjoy hunting, and keep your equipment in your garage; Stencil a hunting scene on your garage floor. Buy stencils on your hobby or hardware store.

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