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November 8, 2019 Front Porch

Front Porch Lights Installation

Turn off electricity to the existing front porch lights the fuse box in the house. Remove the screws holding the old fixture in place with a screwdriver. Disconnect the cables and remove the fixture, leaving exposed electric fields in the porch roof. Install setup bracket that came with the new front porch lightsfixture to the electrical box with the screws provided. Tighten the screw.

Front porch lights– Lamps hanging from the ceiling of your porch works in exactly the same way as the lights hanging on a ceiling in the house. As with each of these lights, porch lights are connected to the switch with two electrical leads (plus a ground line). The switch controls the flow of electricity at the circuit box. Remove and install the porch light is a relatively simple project that can make a large difference on your porch. Make sure that the light you select is at least as large as the former fixture, so you do not mess up the porch roof.

Keep candles up to the box. Hold the black wire from the light next to the black wire from the box and connect them by twisting a wire cap over both. Do the same for the two black wires. Raise the fixture to the porch roof; push the wire connections in the control cabinet. Align the screw holes on the light fixture to the base of the mount. Put a lamp in the light. Turn on electricity.How to set up a porch light,


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