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September 5, 2019 Basement

Feng Shui Interprets Attics and Basement Bedroom

Basement Bedroom – It should be understood that the area of the house where one person spends the most is the area to focus on. Usually, there is no other space that competes with the bedroom (s) or home office that is widely used. However, we can disassemble the whole floor plan and interpret the effects of other areas of the house as well. Bad bathroom or kitchen can affect the whole family.

In this article, we will give you information about Basement Bedroom. Some of the energy inside the house was invisible, but powerful, and was created when the house was built. The energy from the earth moves upward while the foundation is being built. The energy from the sun and stars pierce down and is captured at home when the roof finally wraps around the house. Roof time occurs called Construction year.

With a house or multi-story building, there will be repeated energy. For example, if you have a bedroom directly above the dining room, the two rooms will have the same effect. So, it is also true with basements and attics that they will usually contain the same energy as their rooms above or below. This becomes highly relevant when attics and basements are overhauled into regularly used rooms. Like other rooms in the house, they may need a particular element solution. That’s the article about Basement Bedroom.

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