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How to Make Bolster Pillow Cover

September 16, 2019 Bolster Pillow

DIY Bolster Pillow Cover

Bolster pillow cover can to match or contrast with the bed cover or upholstery. First, measure the length and diameter of the form of strengthening. Add 1 inch to both of these measurements. Cut a rectangle with these dimensions to cover the sides of the head. Place the box on a table with the right side up and the ends corresponding to the length measurement on the sides. Fold the rectangle in half so that the side ends together.

Sewing sewing together the sides 1/2 inch side ends. Leave an opening of 8 inches in the center of the seam. Measure the diameter of the end of the way of strengthening. Draw a circle the diameter on a piece of paper. Draw a circle around the outside 1/2 inch line pencil to make a larger circle. Pin the circle to the tube ends with right sides together. The edges of the circles should be even with the edges of the tube.

Sew the circles to the ends of the tube seam 1/2 inch from the edges. Clip 7 seam allowances circles cut perpendicular to the seam line every 1/4 inch around the circle. Clip about sewing, but it is not enough. The seam allowances are part of the fabric that extends beyond the seam. Turn the cover right side out and insert the shape reinforced. Hand sew the opening closed. Bolster pillow cover project was done!

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