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Lavender Throw Pillows Style

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Decorate Silk Throw Pillows

silk throw pillows – Materials to decorate silk throw pillows: Cushion color solid and smooth,Cushions,Scissors and pins,Ruler, pencil and chalk,Squad,Fusible web and iron,Fabrics with designs of birds and flowers,Dark cloth for branches,Silk flowers and leaves,Needle and thread to embroider yellow and pink,Needle and thread,Yellow green sequins and beads,Green embroidery thread

silk throw pillows – Steps to decorate silk throw pillows: For each case of a cushion cut a rectangle twice the length of the cushion over 15 cm and 3 cm wide. With a chalk mark the main design elements on the right side of fabric. Then to cushion fabric iron bird fuse the wrong side of the bird and the back of the dark cloth to the branches. At the rear of the fuse ironed dark cloth fabric to draw a branch. Cut it short and birds of other fabric. Remove the back of the fabric and iron fuse branch and birds on the right sleeve. And then look for silk flowers and leaves. Sew the flowers to the branches using yellow thread to create the center of the flowers. Green leaves sewn using thread in the middle of them. Leaves sewn sequins.

For more floral design sewn silk flowers with yellow beads and sequins at the center of the case. Next make leafstalks embroidering with green thread on the sheath, if you want, you putting on green sequins so that the stem is wider. After that cut some flowers and leaves if desired several such fuse and place the cloth. Remove the back of it and iron flowers to the top of the stems. If you want you can sew flowers instead of using the fusible fabric. Sew flowers and leaves on green stems with green embroidery thread in the center. Sewn sequins date as desired. And the last complete the sheath sewing the shorter edges, side seams and giving back.

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