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August 29, 2019 Home Designs

Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors Informations

Curtains for sliding glass doors aren’t use just made to shady the room. but it is one of the window treatment that realted to interior design that has objective as a decoration. So, it suppose to make the room fabolous not the opposite. Curtains are made from garment fabrics, it could had motifs on it or just simply plain color. It depend on your wanted or what suited the most with the room interior design. But there is something that I wanted to remind you about the curtains that it could be open to one side or both side. This function has to do with the sliding glass door.

If its open just to one direction then the one sided curtains will do best. But if the glass door could slide into both direction then the two sided curtains will be a better selection. The curtains for sliding glass doors are hung in the rails. The rails also could be part of the design. It could be exposed so it could be seen. Or it also could be closed with a wooden board  so the rails won’t be seen. If you wanted it to be exposed, you should consider the color. You could make it prominent by having a diffrent color with the room walls. But I guess it will be better if it had the same color with the door or window frame.

If you wanted it to be hidden behind the board then you could add some lights to it. The lights could be highlighted the ceilings so you will had, what it usually called, an ambience lights. The curtains for sliding glass doors are usually pleated because in that way it will be easier to open or close the curtains. This are only a little of curtains informations that you should consider before you had it. Just remember that you will had the curtains for quite some times in your house, so you better pick the one that you really love.

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