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September 13, 2019 Bedding

Croscill Bedding Sets Open for Bussines

The first product of Croscill offered in 1946 was named the croscill bedding sets, which was based on a window treatment popular known as Priscilla and curtain valance. The Croscilla shook the world home decor, because it has taken this concept to the next level window treatment. The design was similar to the popular Croscilla Priscilla, but had a custom look, because the valance had more material, enough in fact, that covered the whole window and hide the auction. This gave the board a real elegant look.

By adding more fabric for the construction of this croscill bedding sets, the overall appearance reeked of luxury. The audience could not afford to pay for custom designed valances and curtains were thrilled to be able to purchase this new concept of elegance in a window treatment ready-made. Croscill has been a success and it was just the beginning of how changes and creative projects.

It one thing to create a new look for an old product, but if that is not coupled with the quality, you will not have a successful product or business. As another part of the concept of first croscill bedding sets, quality was the decisive factor in the success and product.

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