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October 10, 2019 Basement

Create Our Own Great Luxury Basement Bar

Taking advantage of a large basement to create our own bar is a great luxury. Imagine a bar with the drinks that we like the most, with the most comfortable stools. With a sofa that we will always find free, in short, create basement bar of our dreams. Undoubtedly, the place of our home that we will end up proud of . And to which we will invite our friends to show off and have a good time. And if you do not invite them, they will appear by surprise.

A basement can also be converted into the large living room of the house. Maybe our basement bar has a much larger area than any room on the upper floors. As there are no partitions and only structural pillars. If so, it can be transformed into a large room for family or friends to meet, with the warmth and intimacy that a meeting in an underground room always provides.

For those basement bar, the most homelike sensations increase with the presence of a fireplace. If it is decided to install it during the construction phase of the building, it is only necessary to have the smoke outlet of the fire planned. However, if the reconversion of a basement into a cozy living room is made with the construction, we do not have to give up that chimney. You can always recreate their traditional forms, but the wood will be replaced by the combustion of ethanol, much cleaner.

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