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September 28, 2019 Basement

Choosing Basement Window Curtains

Basement Window Curtains – New curtains for your home can be just around the corner. Even if you use a professional home designer to hang curtains, you will still be responsible for choosing the style, fabric and color that work best with your personal taste, as well as the existing interior of the room where the curtains will hang. Take your time with this decision. Your new curtains are likely to hang on your window for a long time.


Calculate if you prefer clean curtains or thicker curtains. This will help you decide what type of fabric to choose. Basement Window Curtains let more natural light and seem more relaxed. Dark, opaque curtains block the sunlight whenever you want and will give the room a more formal look. Better on lighter colored opaque fabrics if you want a relaxed look that can also block the sun. Get some fabric samples so you can begin to compare color and texture to existing designs, patterns and colors in the room. Choose some colors you would not have thought would work just to try them. You never know what will look good until you see it in the room.

Check out the different styles of Basement Window Curtains. Rod pocket curtains, for example, slide over a stick and then drape down over your window. Loss tops are more relaxed. Only the small tabs are placed through the rod, rather than the entire top of the curtain. Ring top curtains are similar to the tab top, but they have small rings instead of fabric tabs to cross the bar. Finally, carrying top curtains give a heavier fold because the fabric is pushed over the bar by means of rings embedded in the upper part of the curtain.

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