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December 15, 2019 Chimney Caps

Chimney Cap Damper Masonry Installation

Release the damping cable through the chimney. Being careful not to raise any adhesive. Press the top sealing regulator on the adhesive. With the solid section on top and the section open on the lip of the chimney. Allow the adhesive 24 hours before proceeding. Pull the clearance out of the throttle control line from inside the house. Test the regulator. Use the line damper bracket as a guide to drill the chimney cap damper installation holes near the front of the combustion chamber into the fireplace. Approximately 20 inches from the floor of the combustion chamber.

Chimney cap damper – Starting with prepare the shock absorber. These by pushing the small curved end of the shock absorber-opener connector through the groove in the tube in the center of their firing regulator. Fold the cord hook so that it will not loosen. Unwind shock absorber-wire opener carefully, not to get tangled. Engage the shock absorber cable with the largest hook onto the shock absorber. Connect the other end of the cable to the chain or pull it into the shock kit and secure with an Allen wrench. Apply construction adhesive to the upper lip of the fireplace.

Retaining the bracket against the combustion chamber wall. Aligning the holes from the combustion chamber with people in the bracket. Tap the screws into the holes from the combustion chamber, through the bracket, until they are properly installed. Loosen the control handle cable connector on the handle and pull the cable through until the clearance disappears. The regulator control handle through the power holder and the opening throttle position. Pull the cable taut and firmly tighten the cable connector. Remove excess wire with pliers. And the chimney cap dampermasonry was done.

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