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October 8, 2019 Garage

Car Lift for Garage Design Ideas

The car lift for garage is a great solution for those cases in which, for reasons of space or distribution. It is not possible to proceed with the construction of a garage access ramp. In this way, these devices allow access to all types of vehicles. Their maximum load is up to 2500 kg from the exterior of the building to the interior of the garage.

Through a powerful vertical transport system in which they can enter both Tourism as all its occupants. It is worth noting the added security that this car lift for garage offers when it comes to controlling the access of personnel outside the garage. Since each user will have the usual access key without which the car will not be put into operation.

Along with car lifts that are recessed and permanently in place in the local garage, there are other automatic lifts that can be used in many different settings. Just about all of these lifts can be classified as hydraulic lifts, regardless of size and configuration. Some are designed for periodic use. While others are solid enough to be used on a daily basis. The standards for automotive car lift for garage built in the US are set by the Automotive Lift Institute.

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