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August 24, 2019 Home Designs

Bulkhead Doors Maintenance Tips

Bulkhead doors is an angled door that covered the exterior stair that goes to the basement.  Regularly when we reach the end of the stair there is another door, the basement door. But some may have it without any door. So the angled door is the only protection for the basement from the outside. The bulkhead doors itself can use several materials, ranging from types of wood, to iron, or alumunium. And usually there are two options about how to open the bulkhead, there is a two door open, and there is a single door open by pulling it to the air.

Whatever the material of the bulkhead doors are, you must make sure that it is well maintained. Unless yoru the door will be rusty. So, the angled door must be wetherproof. You need some particular coating for the angled door if you use the wood. The maintenance is one of the important factor for the durability of the door. I always like basement and how the angled door prominent in ones backyard. I always think that the door would be the entry to some mysteries or some treasure can be found there. but those are just fantasies that build when I was a child, because the angled door are look peculiar to me. It is not erected like an ordinary door.

Some people might forget that the bulkhead doors must be keep save by a good lock or maybe padlock. Those lock will prevent any intruders to your basement. The simplest way to maintain the angled door is to open it for sometimes. Don’t let it close for a long time, because the lock and the hinge may become rusty and it will be hard to open. The angled door also should be replace after several decades because those kind of exterior doors can not be have a long age, the reason is it constantly exposed by the weather from time to time.

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