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October 16, 2019 Furnitures

Boosting a Wood File Cabinet

Wood file cabinet is for sure a simple storage furniture. Yet with best quality of design and function, it can definitely create better look and feel. Wood files are an attractive way to present your documents important for you. Over time, the cabinet joints weaken. Repairing a company weakened in a wood file cabinet with metal brace. To prevent the erosion of a wooden file cabinet design ideas for not overloading. While a file can support a lot of weight and abuse, it may be overloaded.

Instructions of boosting wood file cabinet

Reinforcing the archive

  1. Remove the drawers of the filing cabinet and set them aside in a safe place. Look inside the opening in the top drawer of the wood file cabinet and identifies loose board that requires a clamp.
  2. Place the metal corner bracket at the corner of the loose joint into opening the top drawer. Mark the mounting holes in the clamp on the filer with a pencil. Leave the bracket aside.
  3. Punch a hole deeper than a quarter inch (0.6cm) in the center of each mounting hole marked with a drill equipped with a drill pilot holes.
  4. Center the bracket in place on the drilled holes. Insert the screws that were included with the clamp through the mounting holes and into the wood file cabinet with a screwdriver. Replace the drawers in the filing cabinet.

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