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November 7, 2019 Landscaping Ideas

Beautiful Garden Landscaping Ideas

Well, to create a beautiful and balanced we take into consideration all of natural factors, such factors are: geographical location, type of relief, substrate quality, climate, water and movement, soil, vegetation, floristic composition and architectural structure, among others. Finally, humans make by or for anthropic components. We can classify type of landscape depending on which of three aforementioned elements is prominent; for example, a forest would be a clear example of biotic landscape, while an urban area would be part of an anthropic landscape.

You begin by introducing most important elements involved in garden landscaping ideas, these are biotic, abiotic and anthropic. Within biotic components are plant and plants, and within abiotic are weather conditions and additionally relief, latter being a static element that functions as a base for other components of landscape. Then we will study what visual components are involved, because as we can see, much of information we perceive on a given landscape is via sight. We must choose what most important points where eyes will soon be, and according to these points will also cause lines.

We offer hundred great examples of landscape natural for gardens and outdoor patios plus a number of useful tips that will guide them for their own landscape designs, hope you like them.

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