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October 11, 2019 Basement

Basement Doors Ideas

Houses have a wide range of basement entrance door options depending on the function of the door. Consider the classic series of sloping wall doors from Bilco. These if your basement doors are currently set on brick, stone, block. Or also concrete foundations that rise past the staircase to form a slope on both sides of the staircase above the ground. These sloping wall doors would use a flat piece of metal. Or polyethylene over the slanted frame, with doors in them.

Are you only have access to your basement through an internal entrance? So, replace your current basement doors with a door that is fixed, pre-hang and easy to customize. The ReliaBilt Solid Wood Prehung Door can painted in all colors. These to match the room where it will be installed. Choose the same size door as your current door or you will need the help of a professional contractor to surround the framing.

For cellars with an outside trip through the door, try a safe access basement doors like Therma-Tru Exterior Traditions Steel Door. Therma-Tru tradition doors are available in five paint clear designs. With thick steel and a polyurethane foam core to help with energy efficiency. Doors in this product line have a solid wood lock block for secure hardware mounting.

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