Introducing … LUVOCRACY!!

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus for the past few months. Where did I go? Well, back in March, I got an amazing opportunity to join a brilliant startup here in San Francisco called Luvocracy. For the past seven months, I’ve been hard at work with some of the smartest people around.  Together, we’ve been building a new social platform around shopping.  Social shopping?! Yes .. social + shopping = my web heaven.

As someone who is passionate about sharing great products on the web, I’m thrilled that I finally have a platform like Luvocracy, where I can pass along all of the great products I blog and pin about with everyone in my life. From now on, when a friend, family member, or reader asks me what my favorite products are, I can say “check out my Luvocracy page!”


Beyond that, Luvocracy is helping to streamline the way we shop online by providing us with a way to find products we’re sure to love, recommended to us by the people we trust. For example, I trust my husband Fred for great music, my friend Nelson is my go-to for travel accessories, my brother Matt has amazing taste in home goods, and I trust my favorite bloggers for just about everything else. When I choose to trust these individuals on Luvocracy, I’m creating a catalog of beautiful products I’m guaranteed to love. How’s that for a better (and easier) online shopping experience?!

I know what you may be thinking … it kind of sounds like a product-focused Pinterest! Well, sort of. Except, what makes Luvocracy truly brilliant is that everything can be purchased directly from the site, and Luvocracy will actually handle the transaction on your behalf. That means, no more entering your credit card info into a million different sites, no more searching for a sold out product on your own, no more going back and forth with a retailer when your shipped product has disappeared. Luvocracy is there on your behalf to do all of this hard work for you.

But, perhaps what I love most about Luvocracy, is that it’s an opportunity for me to finally make a cut of the sale from the products I spend countless hours digging around for, and sharing with others. After all, shouldn’t we all be rewarded when we sell a product on a company’s behalf? On Luvocracy, any time someone purchases a product you’ve recommended, you earn a commission of that sale! This goes for everyone on the site. Not just a select group of popular bloggers or major pinners. Everyone can earn rewards on every product they recommend! And not just a select number of products, but every product that’s available for sale on the internet!

Because we here at Luvocracy understand that communities are built together, we also reward you for the great people you invite to join. Every time someone you have invited onto Luvocracy makes a purchase from the site, you earn a commission from that transaction … for a year!

And, just to be very clear, it’s not just credit you’re earning on Luvocracy. It’s actual cash that you can choose to receive. Depending on how much you interact with the platform, this can mean an extra pedicure every month, or something bigger!

So far I’m having a blast adding all of my favorite products to Luvocracy. The experience of sharing a great product that someone ends up purchasing truly brightens my day. It reminds me of my days with LAMA as an e-commerce boutique owner. One of my favorite experiences as a shop owner were the days I would receive wonderful notes from my customers thanking me for the beautiful product they were now treasuring. It’s such a joy to have that experience again with Luvocracy, because we enable our users to thank each other for the recommendations that make shopping a pleasure.

So now that you know what I’ve been up to for all of these months, I would love for you to jump on board and join the site! You can click right here for an invitation or email me directly at christine[at] and I’ll be sure to send an invite your way. We’re just an infant of a site, but I’m so proud of our incredible starting point. I can’t wait to see where Luvocracy goes!

Lastly, I just wanted to send a personal shout out to my amazing team. They may not know it, but every day (no matter how stressful that day has been) I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. It wasn’t long ago that I was completely on my own. Some of you may remember this post. And now I have a dream team of talented and lovely individuals that I’m excited to work with. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, and grateful that Miles and I are part of it. Yup! That’s right! Miles gets to come to work with me everyday.