Things I’m Afraid To Tell You

Today I’m thrilled to be a part of a blogger movement I was excited to hear about from Meg Biram of Mimi + Meg.  A few weeks back, blogger Jess Constable decided to write a personal post baring many of her insecurities she would otherwise never share with her readers. Shortly thereafter, blogger Ez Pudewa turned Jess’s inspiring post into a “Things I’m Afraid To Tell You” blogger movement. When Meg asked if I wanted to participate, I surprised myself by saying “sure!”

I’m not one to “tell all,” but I do think it’s important to be open from time to time. After all, what makes you more human than admitting you are, in fact, human?

Yup! Bloggers have issues too (like getting posts done on time .. I was supposed to have this up this morning and now it’s 10:50 pm. Eeek!).

So, in the spirit of supporting one’s community, here are a few things I’m afraid to tell you.

1. I blog about fashion yet I rarely feel confident about how I’m dressed. I typically go through several outfit changes before settling on a “look” I don’t know if I actually like. And yes, it bums me out. Although the world I create here on my blog and on Pinterest looks very stylized, I have struggled for years to create a personal style for myself that I’m happy with. I fear that I may never be satisfied with my personal style and admire the way I look the way I admire the way others look.

2. I have a very difficult time focusing. It often takes me hours to do something I should be able to do in half that time because I’m so easily distracted.  For example, I wrote the sentence before this one over fifteen minutes ago. What did I do during those fifteen minutes? Nothing really, my mind just decided to go somewhere else and I followed. I really wish I could be more productive.

3. I compare myself to others waaaaaay too often. Most of the time, it keeps me from acknowledging and respecting my own accomplishments the way I should.

4. I’m kind of a messy person. And by “kind of” I mean MESSY. I create little piles of stuff everywhere (piles of clothes, piles of receipts, piles of shoes, piles of beauty products) and I don’t pick them up until they’re out of control.

5. I have a love/hate relationship with my following on Pinterest. It causes me a tremendous amount of anxiety that I’m having a difficult time understanding all of my mixed feelings about it at the moment. Of course, I’m grateful for the success there, but, in the words of the Notorious B.I.G., “mo’ followers, mo’ problems.” Actually, I think he said “mo’ money, mo’ problems,” but you get the point.

6. I feel HORRIBLE that I was the last blogger to get their post up today. I probably shouldn’t have agreed to participate today because my life is super CRAZY BUSY right now, but I can’t help but say yes to everything. Note to self: Christine .. learn how to say no.

Hmm .. that wasn’t so bad! In fact, it feels good to get some of that off my chest! *blogger sigh of relief*

Be sure to check out all of my fellow bloggers who were brave enough to participate today!

A Little MIA

Hey all! For those of you who like to like  to get your daily dose of MtoS, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been a little MIA lately. Believe me, it’s a bummer for me too! If you saw my last post, then you know I’m in the middle of writing a book. It’s been a pretty grueling writing schedule, but I’m almost through it. In fact, this will be my final week of book writing.

Hooray! I’ll be a bit absent for one more week, and back to regular posting after that.

Until then, I wanted to share something a little personal and special. I haven’t mentioned it in a while, but I’m just a few months away from getting married! (And yes, writing a book, planning a wedding, and starting a new job (there’s that too) simultaneously is as insane as it sounds.) Anyhow, a little while back I had my save the dates created by an awesome company I discovered called Love Vs. Design. My fiancé and I were in the same kindergarten class, so we decided to use a portion of our class photo in combination with a cute template to make these cards.

That’s us with little hearts around our photos. We were just five years old when we met.

Thanks to all of my lovely readers for sticking around. Miles and I will be back to regular posting soon!