Hello everyone, I am Chrisem, I live in New York. I am fashion blogger by profession.

The reason behind this name is I have a dog name Miles and he was born with the most gorgeous set of furry white boots I have ever seen. That’s how I knew he was destined to be fabulous. Since becoming a part of my life, Miles has been my best four-legged friend and the heartbeat at my feet. Being the dynamic duo we are, we decided to start this blog together. Miles and I hope you find it inspiring!

Want to get to know us a little more? Sure you do! These are a few of our favorite things:

Miles Loves …

1. Squirrels in a Tree.  2. Being toted everywhere in his bag.  3. His pup tent.  4. Hipster hoodies.  5. Toys that squeak… a lot! 6. Having his hair blow dried.  7. Bed time and snuggling  8. Persimmons!  9. Chasing squirrels in the park.  10. His morning treat… Happy Hips!  11. Puppia Harnesses.  12. His Deadly Squire dog bed.  13. Stealing my underwear while I’m in the shower.

Christine Loves …

1. Colorful Mini Dresses.  2. Saying it with a card.  3. Classic design with a twist. 4. Bright prints and patterns.  5. Vintage Stig Lindberg ceramics.  6. Unique Teapots.  7. Kate Spade  8. Positive posters  9. Ban.do headbands  10. Adorable tech devices.  11. Fashion Illustrations  12. Boba Tea  13. Kitsch Decor  14. Sophia Coppola